Configuration Explanation

In this page some Dolphin Configurations are explained. For a quick and dirty Configuration click here.

Dolphin Configuration Button
Dolphin Configuration, Plugins Dolphin Configuration, General Dolphin Configuration, Display
Enable Dual Core (speedup):Major speed improvements on PCs with more than one core! Splits the Video and CPU threads, so they can be run on seperate cores.
Framelimit:If you set it higher than game full speed (NTSC:60, PAL:50), you also have to disable Audio Throttle in DSP to make it effective.
Lock threads to cores:Locks Video/CPU threads to cores.
DSPLEE on thread:Runs DSPLEE on a dedicated thread (not recommended).
Fullscreen Display Resolution:Choose your display resolution.
Window Size:The game resolution you want to play.
Render to main window:Everything will be renderd to the main window (disables the pop up of an extra window when playing).
Dolphin Graphics Button
DirectX Graphics Plugin Properties, Advanced DirectX Graphics Plugin Properties, Direct3D
Disable Fog:Disables fog (increases performance).
Show FPS:Will show you a FPS counter in the upper left corner while playing.
V-Sync:Synchronisation of the rendered frames with the frames of the monitor (performance loss).
Anti-Aliasing:Anti-alias modes (if you have a fast modern graphics card you might want to turn it on).
Safe Texture Cache:Does some quick partial hashing to try to determine if a image changed. It's used to prevent crashes. Some games need this option (performance loss).
Enable CPU->EFB access:With this option the CPU is able to access textures where the IR pointer points (some games need this to work properly).
Anisotropic Filtering:Anisotropy filtering of the textures (performance loss).
EFB Scaled Copy:Prevent overpixeled textures by upscaling them (some games need this option).
DSP button
Dolphin DSP-HLE Plugin Settings
Enable HLE Audio:This is usually used to play voice and sound effects.
Enable DTK Music:This is used to play music tracks.
Enable Audio Throttle:This is used to control game speed by sound throttle. Disabling this could cause abnormal (too fast) game speed. Enabling this could cause constant noise.
Volume:It does no harm to set the Volume to 100%.